With the help of the introduction, the student reveals the topic, summarizes the main ideas and thoughts. Also, an introduction to the essay is necessary in order for the student to learn to express his thoughts and express his point of best essay writing service uk view not only verbally, but also in writing. The introduction takes a maximum of 2 pages of A4 format and is written on the next page after the table of contents (content), but before the main part of the abstract (sections, chapters, paragraphs). It is advisable not to retell the literature, since it is very important for the author’s personal opinion and his views on the research problem. In the content of the introduction, it is first necessary to determine the subject and object of research, the purpose of the work, to indicate the tasks assigned, and only then to write why this topic is relevant to date. As you can see, the introduction is a visiting card of the essay and therefore it should be written as interestingly as possible and even intriguing.